The rise of technological developments and the change in consumer behaviour, favouring digital communications, has forced businesses to shift their marketing strategy to become more digital, leading to the rise in demand for digital marketers.

In most cases, digital marketing allows someone to lead a digital nomad lifestyle and the option to work remotely. Although working remotely sounds like a dream – as you get to pick and choose when and where you get to work – it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The main problem remote working digital marketers have is finding a space that they can work in that is both comfortable, and they can be productive in. That’s where coworking spaces come in.

Coworking space is the new trend in modern business; it is an emerging style of work that has become a global movement all around the world. More and more digital marketing and SEO companies in London are choosing to divert from traditional offices to join coworking spaces.

Read on to find out why digital marketers are choosing to work in coworking spaces:

  1. More Collaboration and Networking Opportunities

Working in a coworking space allows digital marketers to be part of an ecosystem of professionals who specialise in different areas and industries. Building relationships with their neighbours enables them to learn new things, exchange best practices and expand their network. A study found that 80% of the members have a more extensive business network as a result of these coworking spaces.

More often than not, these professionals are enthusiastic, energetic and excited to share their various passions, and this type of energy is very infectious. Being surrounded by this positive and passionate energy is a good driver to give a digital marketer the boost and inspiration they need, on those days when caffeine simply isn’t enough. 

  • More Economical

Leasing office space – especially in London – is very expensive and a big financial risk. Finding an affordable location in the city centre, which has the right amount of space and is conveniently placed close to transport links and lunch locations, is close to impossible. Coworking space locations have this in mind and contain everything for a fully functioning workspace.

Another economic benefit of joining a coworking space is that digital marketers only have to pay for the space they need. Most coworking locations have a rolling monthly membership, and the membership includes Internet, printing access, office supplies and usage of shared meeting rooms that digital marketers may need for the occasional meetings with clients, partners and potential job applicants.

  • Decreases the Feeling of Isolation and Loneliness

A common problem digital nomads have when working at home is the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Working in a coworking space decreases these feelings and increases human interactions and sociability, as they are working in a community setting.

Research by Harvard Business Reviews found that 80% reported that they turn to other coworking members for help or guidance. The ‘work alone together’ environment improves morale as simply being surrounded by professionals doing their work will make a digital marketer feel that they are on the same boat, and may provide much needed emotional support.

  • Increases Productivity

According to a Global Coworking Survey, 75% of workers are more productive when they work in a coworking space. Not only do they claim to be more productive, but coworking members also state that they generate higher revenue as a result of their coworking environment.

When digital markers pay their monthly membership fee to work in a coworking space, they are more likely to keep their accounts and expenses up to date as having other professionals around can make them more accountable to ensure they stay organised.

  • Good Perks

There are various perks offered by a coworking space that ensures that it is a comfortable and social environment for its members. One of the perks is access to complimentary refreshments such as coffee, tea, beer, water and fruit. This is not only beneficial for the digital marketer but will most definitely impress a potential client who comes in for a meeting, as they can offer them refreshments.

Other perks include water, gas, electricity and Internet amenities being all inclusive in the membership. Coworking spaces are usually set up with nice interiors, complete with desks, chairs and private meeting rooms. Good Wi-Fi is crucial for a digital marketer as most of the time; they are working with real-time data.

Coworking spaces usually host events and bring in guest speakers to provide further opportunities to engage their members and provide networking opportunities. Since most members are professionals and entrepreneurs with the common goal to succeed, these events and talks are an excellent chance to grow and develop.

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