It’s quite unfortunate that both millennials and Gen Z’s are being stereotyped as entitled, lazy and self-centered individuals—or at least that’s what we are all led to believe. They’re getting this bad reputation either from the media or from what we hear from people in your network. 

But the question is, are they really that different from the previous generations?

According to analyst Amanda Kreun, it’s a big assumption to think that these two younger generations are different from the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Her report detailed that the characteristics of millennials you read about in infographics are the result of behavior common among young employees entering the workforce.

In Amanda’s words,

“Young people today tend to see themselves and their work environments in a similar way as did young people from previous generations.”

Likewise, numerous studies have been cited by corporate HR advisor and KPMG partner Bruce Pfau in his Harvard Business Review article, saying that “a growing body of evidence suggests that employees of all ages are much more alike than different in their attitudes and values at work.”

Photo credits: eOffice, Gutherie Jensen
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