It is true that with more freelancers and remote employees than ever before, there has never been a greater need for high quality coworking spaces. While some workers are happy to work from home, others actually find that they get more done in a space with multiple other workers. They often find that this allows them to bounce ideas off other professionals and get the opportunity to socialise more while they work.

But that’s not the only reason. In fact, there is growing evidence to suggest that independent workers are actually more productive when they are in coworking spaces. For example, 74 per cent of workers note that they had an increase in productivity when they are in a coworking space, showing just how effective this can be.

But despite these positives there is more than can be done to help those in coworking space up their game. Here we take a look at four ways you can improve worker productivity in a coworking space.

  1. Understand the importance of natural light

It is important your coworking space has the right design features that are conducive to good performance – and a great example of this is natural light. In a survey, 75 per cent of workers found that an office with plenty of natural light was one of the most important factors in terms of their performance.

Of course, it is not always possible to redesign spaces to the extent that you can add new windows. But it can be made easier for workers to allow light into the office. Commercial blinds provider AQ Blinds recommends electric blinds for: “maximum light control, glare reduction, increased privacy and security, and insulation”. Having electric blinds in place makes allowing light in as simple as pressing a button.

  • Encourage regular breaks

Some workers think that a coworking space is ideal because it will really allow them to get their head down and power on without being worried about being interrupted by other members of staff, or for team meetings. And while this can be an advantage, it is also important that those using the coworking space do not overdo it.

Your brain can only take so much intensive work before it simply won’t be producing at an optimal rate anymore. It has been scientifically shown that workers perform at their best when they have bursts of 52 minutes of work, following by a 17-minute break, away from whatever they were doing. This means it is important to encourage anyone in a coworking space to take a break ever hour, rather than assuming that can work flat out.

  • Ensure the workplace is clean and tidy

There is some evidence to suggest that working at a cluttered desk is actually best in terms of productivity and creativity in the workplace. However, this advantage of mess does not extend to the rest of the office. Your coworking space needs to be as clean and tidy as possible for you to get as much work done as you can.

It is easy to see how folders left strewn around, and mountains of paper stacked randomly on desks could be an issue for productivity. Ensure that there is a policy around tidying the shared space, and also hire a cleaner on a more regular basis if this can improve things.

  • Decorate the space and give it an identity

One of the reasons that individuals choose a coworking space over options such as working from home is that they miss the sense of community that they would get in the office. This is why it can be hugely beneficial to decorate your coworking tastefully with colours and artwork to bring everyone together.

If a coworking space is bland and uninteresting it can have the effect of leaving workers cold and uninterested in interacting. Decorating can help instil a vibrant attitude that will benefit everyone in the space.

Final thoughts

More people than ever are benefitting from the improvements made to coworking spaces, and as the workforce becomes increasing flexible, it will be necessary for these spaces to make further changes. The more that workers are able to get out of working in shared spaces, the more that companies will be interested in having their staff work in them.

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