There are common nerves that come along with getting a new job. Not only is it the stress of meeting new people, possibly living in a new area and learning how systems operate, but it can also be the stress of figuring out how that office works, aka what their culture is like. It can take a while to figure out all these things but acclimating to a new culture is one of the key components to having success with your job right from the start. Here are some easy ways for you to learn how to adapt to your new workplace culture.

Look into the Employee Handbook

Likely during the first couple weeks of your new job, you’ll be given a number of materials, one of which will be an employee handbook. Whether you’re given an online version or a physical copy, it’s helpful to look into the handbook when you first get it. It can be easy to receive the handbook, put it aside and plan to look at it later on only to be forgotten about, but looking thoroughly into the handbook once you receive it can help get you ahead of any questions you may have later on. It will also give you an idea of the company you’re working for as it will have more in-depth information on their goals, their main priorities and what they expect of you.

Build Your Network

Once you start your job, you might be overwhelmed with learning new systems and just trying to be comfortable within your new environment. But one helpful way to adapt your new workplace along with learning the culture of your office is by building your network within the office. You can do this through a multitude of ways. You can ask the people you sit around or people within your department to go to lunch with you or for after work drinks. If you’re not exactly a social butterfly but still want to build your network, you can connect with co-workers through LinkedIn or work closely with other co-workers within your department for big projects. Building your network with co-workers will help give you the inside scoop of the culture at your workplace, give you a sense of community and will possibly help you make new friendships.

Figure Out the Appropriate Dress

As everyone only wants to look their best, it’s imperative that you dress appropriately for your new job. Whether you’ve just graduated from college or have just come from an old job where the dress was casual, figure out what the appropriate attire is for your workplace. Often times the dress code for a workplace is business casual. Stock up on a couple of items that will provide outfits for you for at least the first couple of weeks. As business wear is often expensive, if you’re a woman, look towards an online consignment store that offers affordable appropriate clothing like Ann Taylor. Doing so will help you fulfill all your clothing needs for half the price!

If you’re a man currently on the hunt, look towards online outlet sites that offer quality affordable business wear such as the J.Crew Factory. You’ll find that there are plenty of suitable options that are high-quality and all at a decent cost. Finding the best kind of online deals will only help you fill up your closet even faster and help you fit in immediately within your new environment.

Keep Communications Open

Communication is a powerful tool. When used often, it can be a huge help in learning about your workplace culture, what goes and what doesn’t. Even after you’ve been at your job for a fair amount of time, never pass up the opportunity to openly communicate with other co-workers. As work cultures can sometimes change, it’s key that you’re open to communicating through any changes that may occur. This can only help you be sure you’re on the same page as everyone else within the company.

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