A home office in your loft could be just the space you need if you frequently work from home. In this article, David Knight from Roof Windows 4 You shares his tips for how you can create your own productivity-boosting study in your loft.

Remote working has become an increasingly popular benefit for employers to offer their staff. In fact, there are around 375,000 more employees working from home today than there were 10 years ago: a 27% increase, according to TUC. This is because there are many advantages for employers who offer it, including increased productivity and employee retention. For us, it means the comforts of home and a much easier commute!

But as more and more of us work from home, we need to make sure we have the right environment to do so effectively. And, a converted loft could be the perfect location for a home office as it’s a separate, secluded space from the rest of the house. Below, I’ll share my tips for creating a cosy home office in your loft so you can really settle down and get some work done.

Make the most of your available loft space

One of the biggest challenges of workplace design is making sure you have enough space to comfortably perform your duties. This can be tricky in a loft, where awkward shapes and a lack of space can be common. Start by finding a place for your desk and chair as these are the most important elements for your home working space. You can then decide which extra pieces of furniture to add depending on the remaining space in your loft.

You can open up more room for additional chairs and tables by using the dead space in your loft as storage instead of standing cabinets. That means looking for bespoke storage solutions that can be built into low or narrow spaces in the room. Often, these are either side of the door, or under the lowest points of the sloping ceiling where furniture won’t fit.

Let there be light

Anyone will tell you that light is key for well-being and productivity, and natural light is the most effective for putting us in the mood to work according to PR Newswire. Fortunately, your loft is appropriately placed in your home to get the most sun (as well as the best view), particularly if you decide to add plenty of roof windows to take advantage of its energy-boosting rays. Plus, all that daylight means that houseplants will thrive, and plants have been proven to motivate office workers as well as improve air quality (PsycNET). So, your home office is the perfect place to add some beautiful plants.

When planning the layout of your loft, try to avoid putting furniture in front of your windows that could block the light. Prioritise shiny rather than matte finishes on your furniture, as well, as these can help reflect the beams around the room which can really help to open it up, transforming it into a great place to get some work done.

Don’t skimp the home comforts

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Heading downstairs to make yourself a cup of coffee can be a great way to stretch your legs and give your eyes a bit of a break. But having options for making a brew closer to your desk will come in handy more than once, particularly first thing on a morning or when you have a pressing deadline. To reduce the temptation to leave your desk unnecessarily, think about building a small kitchen area in your loft for convenience, as well as a cosy seating area to relax and take breaks in. Don’t forget biscuits, fruit, and other snacks that can help you beat the mid-afternoon slump!

If you’re lucky enough in terms of shape and space of your loft, you could even check to see if you can have an en-suite fitted to cut downtime even further. By having everything you need close at hand, you’ll be able to focus better and be more productive, so think about what motivates you and consider incorporating it into your loft design.

The tips in this guide can help you transform your loft into an effective home office. By focussing on creating a great environment, you can increase your productivity and your wellbeing when you work from home.

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