The suspended ceiling plays an important role in the decoration of the office. A good ceiling is helpful for creating a comfortable office atmosphere, and it can increase the overall aesthetics of the office. In the long-term work pressure, when people are tired, they like to relax by looking up and looking up, so if the office ceiling is too cluttered and not beautiful, it will easily give people a sense of space oppression, but it will make employees’ more nervous. So how should the office ceiling be decorated? Let’s learn from the office ceiling design of others.

Gypsum Ceiling

This kind of ceiling must be caulked during the construction and painted with latex paint on the surface, which is relatively easy to be damaged during construction. The flat gypsum ceiling is universal in height, easy to use, and easy to operate, but it cannot be curved, and the price is relatively low.

Ceiling Tiles

Mineral fiber ceiling tiles generally refers to mineral fiber decorative sound-absorbing ceiling. It is a light weight, high strength, thin thickness, convenient processing, and sound insulation and fireproof construction materials with good performance. It is precisely because of the light weight and thin thickness of the gypsum ceiling that it is more popular. At the same time, the texture of the gypsum ceiling is brittle and it is easy to make shapes. Mineral fiber ceiling does not contain asbestos, and has good fire and sound absorption performance. There are many kinds of micro holes on the surface. The surface can be painted with various color pastes (usually white). The biggest feature is that it has good sound insulation and heat insulation effects. The surface has knurling and relief effects. Regular specification are 300 * 300mm and 600 * 600mm.

There are other materials for ceiling tiles using galvanized steel and aluminium alloy. Comparing with mineral fiber ceiling, these metal ceilings are fireproof, waterproof and prone to moisture, and also with a better flatness in large area projects.

Baffle Ceiling

Baffle ceiling is more and more popular now on interior design in business office areas, conference halls, studios, hotels and other places. Generally used in aisles, but also used in open office ceilings and employee activity areas. This material is made of aluminium extrusion, and the finish is mostly timber look, black or white. There’s a lot of choices on colors (such as ash, oak, beech, maple, ect), and the sizes of the baffle tube are full range from FONNOV BAFFLE CEILING.

Open Cell Ceiling

Generally used in aisles, but also used in office ceilings and employee activity areas. This material is made of aluminum alloy, and the finish is mostly powder coated or precoated. There are many colors (generally white and black). The size of the cell can be customized according to needs.

Exposed Ceiling

It is a relatively modern style. The design is very simple: first brush the ceiling and the side of the wall a dozen centimeters above with a layer of plain color (monochrome, generally dark color), and pass all the wires and air-conditioning pipes (except fire water pipes) that pass through it. Also paint the same color.

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