Planning the interiors of a small workplace is indeed a challenging task but equally delightful as well you will have to work with compact spaces, making them aesthetic and functional!  The key, however, is to also make the place look more spacious than it actually is.  An appropriate mix of design elements, suitable office furniture and the best possible use of natural light and ventilation often deliver the intended results.

Here are few things that you’ll need to consider when planning small office interiors.

Floor Space

Workplaces in a bright modern loft open space office. Tables are equipped with modern computers. New York panoramic view. A concept of a high quality professional consulting services. 3D rendering.

Make note of the floor space you actually need to work with. Office furniture must comfortably fit the space while allowing sufficient room for people to move about. The available space will also determine the type and size of office furniture that best meets your functional requirements.


Small offices look and feel more spacious with open office layout. If space demarcation is a must, it is better to settle for an ideal workstation design that does not mar visual continuity of the place.  Your office layout must facilitate staff to do their jobs effectively. Collaborative efforts need an open layout enabling effortless interactions, while serious tasks require more private, less distracting layouts.


Allowing free flow of natural light and ventilation opens up the place, making it more airy and bright creating an illusion of space.  You may however opt for blinds to control the amount of light needed for the space.  In addition you can use CFLs to ensure all parts of the office are well illuminated. While small offices may not have the luxury of separate reception zone or conference rooms, it is possible to still demarcate functional spaces and adequately accessorize them with designer/professional lighting.


Modern office space with bright orange furniture

Color schemes for office interiors make all the difference when it comes to creating the right impression and appeal.  Be it themed interiors or just regular office environment, the space must feel welcome.  The choice of colors for the space too must fall in line with its purpose and function. The reception areas typically are boldly done, while the conference rooms aren’t that flashy.  Main office space however must exude a sense of liveliness.  A typical mix of pastel shades are ideal for the walls,  while furniture in different hues of wood color and timber-look ceiling prove ideal as they tend to reflect light better, adding to the illusion of space!

Sticking to just one color throughout the office space, does of course evoke a feel of space and continuity, but at the risk of being too bland and monotonous. Opt for a suitable multi-color scheme and a few pieces of wall décor to enhance the appeal.

Core Space

Furniture for the core workspace of each employee must be spacious enough and comfortable for the job. Elegant ergonomic chairs are not only comfy and easy to move as well. Sleek and slim designs of chairs and desks do not clutter the space. If the job does require chunky pieces of furniture, work on the layout to ensure enough free space.


Desks fitted with storage spaces are most ideal for small offices as they are more compact and organized. If all central storage units are required make sure to opt for horizontal filing cabinets that are easy to handle, available in different designs with ample storage space.


Small offices typically do not splurge on interior design.  It is however important to remember that ambience of small office spaces do vary with nature and line of work.  All customer-facing workspaces have interiors that aim to appeal to clients. Small commercial spaces dealing in Fashion Design, Photography, Travel and Tourism and similar lines of work typically are decorated a tad different from probably startups involved in software development or digital marketing.

There is a distinct difference between formal and informal workspaces, and interiors must be planned accordingly.

The aim of sprucing up interiors is to create a lively, safe and comfortable working environment with optimum utilization of space. The look and feel of the place must motivate people to report for the job and carry out their regular work in an efficient and comfortable manner.

Team up with an Interior Designer

With interior design gaining popularity it is quite easy for you to find an experienced interior designer and office furniture manufacturer or any other city in India.  While you may have an idea of how your small office should look and feel, you may not really have the time or familiarity with all aspects of interior décor to plan office interiors on your own. Once you’ve decided on the layout, contact reputed/seasoned local interior designers, request for quotations, compare their charges, and go through their portfolio to select the right designer for your project.

Planning a small office in Noida? Then hiring an Office interior designer in Noida is definitely more practical and affordable, given the fact that interior design in an on-site job requiring the designer to be there at the office most of the time till the space is ready for use.


Planning small office interiors often do not allow the luxury of costly experiments.  An intelligent mix of trendy design and ergonomics can vastly increase the appeal and function of the place.

Last but the most important factor influencing the design of office spaces is the number of people who will be sharing the space on a temporary / permanent basis and the nature of their daily work. It is always better to leave some room for future use if possible. Aptly embellished empty spaces are a visual treat as well, more so in compact rooms!

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