Your.MD, a health-tech startup is committed to helping people find their health during this critical time. Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, Your.MD has played a role in helping people navigate their way through the crisis.

  1. Intelligent self-care: Your.MD uses the latest augmented intelligence to let you assess yourself, track symptoms, journal your health and find trusted health information all in one simple app.
  2. Daily Drop-In: A daily round-up of the best medically-validated articles and resources from around the web to help you stay healthy while staying at home.

  3. Covid-19 Symptom Mapper: Helps people compare their symptoms against global norms, gathering valuable data to be shared with governments to help #stopthespread.

Your.MD is used by millions of people and is an essential (and even better – free!) tool to help us be healthier and take our health into our own hands, particularly in this moment.

Click here to download and start your journey to better health. 

Photo credits: Your.MD

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