Winter is officially here and the need for additional health and safety precautions comes along with this season. Winter weather can be difficult to navigate and it can make it harder for your staff to get to the office in time in the mornings. The good news is that it is possible to prepare for winter and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

In this guide, we are going to give you some of our best tips to help your office operate effectively over the next few months. Read on to find out what these tips are.

Check Your Heating

If you are going to have staff working from your office each day in the winter, you need to make sure that the temperature is going to be set correctly. If the office is too cold, they could find it difficult to get their work done and they could get sick. The heating system should be serviced each year and you should check the recommended temperature for an office setting. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable working in the cold, your staff shouldn’t have to.

Clear The Car Park

The car park at an office space can be incredibly dangerous, especially if there is snow or ice. For this reason, you should make sure to contact local road gritting contractors or gritting companies to help clear up the car park. While they can’t remove the risk of injury entirely, they can reduce the risk of an employee slipping and falling. It is your responsibility to manage this so check out companies like Gritting Works who might be able to help. They offer a Pay Per Visit system which means you’ll only have to pay for the service as and when you need it, which may come in handy if snowy weather is unexpectedly forecast. 

Avoid the Spread Of Illness

In the winter, employees are much more likely to catch a cold or the flu due to the weather conditions and the way that these viruses spread. If you want to make sure that your office is prepared for the winter, you should have a policy in place to reduce the risk of these kinds of illnesses spreading amongst employees. You should have cleaning products available and a policy in place for those who might need to work from home. This is easy enough to do, especially in the current climate that we are all living in. 

Check For Burst Pipes

If you are planning on having your team work from home or have some time off during the Christmas break, you will need to make sure that your office space does not experience serious issues during this time. It is possible that the winter weather could cause pipes to freeze over and this could result in them bursting. There are ways around this, for example, allowing air to circulate or keeping the office heating on when low temperatures are forecast. Try to avoid burst pipes at all costs and you should be able to get things back up and running in no time at all. 

Train Staff

Another thing that you should consider doing to prepare your office for the winter is to train your staff to deal with situations in an emergency. It could be that they have never had to work in adverse weather conditions before and if the weather were to get bad, they wouldn’t know how to handle it. You might not be able to afford to have your staff take the day off as this could result in more serious problems. So, you should hold some training sessions that will teach them of processes that are in place when the weather affects workload. 

Protect Employees Working Outside

While you might be running an office, you could still have some team members who need to work outside. These are the employees who you need to focus on as they could get sick of injured from working outside in the cold winter weather all day. For this reason, you should make sure that you have the right equipment and that they are properly trained for the winter weather. You might need to provide visible clothing for the darker nights and allow facilities to be in place for warm drinks to keep them warm. Don’t neglect your outdoor staff as they can be a big concern. 

Get Planning

Winter might already be here but the worst of the weather is still on its way. As an employer, you need to make sure that you are preparing your office for winter and that your staff will be safe when they come to work. Focus on things like the office car park, the heating and of course, train your staff to deal with an emergency in the winter weather.

If you can put these measures in place, you will be thankful for your preparation ahead of any serious issues.

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