Revamping your office space has the potential to improve productivity and enhance how people view your business. Although this can be an expensive exercise, there are certain ways to create a functional and efficient office space while still keeping the costs down. Before planning for a complete re-design, it’s important to think about how you can make maximise your current space on a lower budget.

Here are our top five tips to create a visually appealing and functional office environment by effectively utilising the space that you have:

  1. Prioritise flexibility

A flexible office space will allow your business to perform multiple functions. Don’t be stuck on traditional layouts – break the mould! Consider giving up your reception space and utilise that space to better improve office productivity.

  • Spend intelligently

Be wary of purchasing items that take up unnecessary space and avoid spending large amounts on office furniture that is difficult to dismantle. Showcase your office in such a way that it reflects your work ethic and that you are more about efficiency and results than just fancy furniture.

  • Forget the bigger office space – make use of self storage

Renting of storage spaces can provide the perfect business self storage solution when going through a transition phase – whether it be downsizing or growing. Self storage allows businesses to decide on the shape and size of the unit that will best suit the requirements. In this way, businesses can massively reduce costs that would otherwise be spent on expensive overheads for larger rent.  This is certainly the most favourable approach in reducing clutter within your office and freeing up space for productivity. Another added benefit of self storage facilities is that they offer security features that protect your business assets when not in use.

  • Keep your office clean

It may seem obvious, but if everyone plays their role in keeping the office neat and tidy, the space will appear rejuvenated. Take advantage of designated cabinets for all files and documents, consider hiring a cleaning service once or twice a week to do a full clean and ensure that employees wash their dishes after use.

  • Ensure convenience

A convenient location is key for all business functionality. Ideally, you would want to reduce traveling for both yourself and your clients by locating your business in an easily accessible area instead of wasting unnecessary time and money travelling. If you are considering moving offices spaces, convenient location should be front of mind. Consider flexible work time for your staff as well, as they will be far more efficient behind their computers than behind their steering wheels in traffic.

Not only will more space create a happier working environment, it’s also good for business growth as it will increase productivity. There are always ways to maximise your space, all it takes is a little bit of thought and planning to utilise your space as best possible. Be creative and innovative so as design an office space which considers your staff, your clients and your future business growth.

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