When you’re running a business, you have a duty to provide a safe working environment for your staff. Similarly, you need to ensure that any customers or clients who visit your premises aren’t at risk of injury or illness. However, creating a healthier working environment doesn’t just enable you to meet your legal obligations; it can also increase productivity and reduce staff absences. 

If you want to enhance your business performance and enjoy a happy working environment, take a look at these three ways to create a healthier workplace now:

1. Filter the Air

A well-ventilated space can reduce the risk of people contracted illnesses, but even fresh air can carry contaminants. Keeping windows open can be an effective way of ventilating a workspace, for example, but pollen or pollution can easily find its way indoors, which could limit the efficacy of your efforts. 

To combat this, use air purifiers to filter the air and remove as many contaminants as possible. This will ensure that the air inside your office and workspace is clean and less likely to be carrying harmful toxins or irritants. 

2. Use UVC Light Cleaning

If you want to decontaminate a space or keep your working area clean, a UVC light could be exactly what you’re looking for. UVC light is capable of deactivating micro-organisms, including bacteria and viruses, which means it can be used to clean spaces quickly. Instead of time-consuming manual cleaning rotes, you can rely on UVC light cleaning to decontaminate large areas quickly and effectively. 

With VIOA’s portable UVC light cleaning products, keeping your workspace clean and healthy couldn’t be simpler. As well as being capable of killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, VIOA UVC cleaning technology can decontaminate an average-sized office in 10 minutes or less. Ideal for use in offices, retail environments, gyms, cafes, restaurants, hairdressing salons and many other environments, UVC light cleaners can optimise your workplace and reduce the risk of bugs or viruses being transmitted. 

3. Install Ergonomic Equipment

Preventing workplace injuries is an important way of creating a healthier work environment, particularly as chronic injuries account for a substantial number of staff absences. In fact, musculoskeletal issues, such as back pain, are one of the most common reasons for workplace absenteeism. Fortunately, this can be relatively easy to overcome.

By ensuring that staff have access to the right equipment, you can reduce their risk of developing chronic health issues, such as back pain or repetitive strain injuries. Ergonomic office furniture is designed to optimise posture and health, which can positively impact productivity rates too. When you invest a little in upgrading your on-site equipment, you can reduce staff absences and increase employee satisfaction. 

Keeping Your Workplace Healthy

Taking initial steps to make your workplace a safer place to be is certainly beneficial, but you’ll need a long-term strategy if you want to maintain a safe working environment. By regularly risk assessing your workplace and using the latest technology to optimise working environments, you can ensure that your premises are a happy and healthy place for staff to work.

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