If you work in an office or an environment where you have many coworkers rather than working remotely, you owe it to them to make sure they’re comfortable and happy. They need to do the same for you. That means never doing anything to make them feel like they don’t want to come work alongside you.

There are several ways that you can do that, so let’s talk about some of them right now.

Treat Everyone Respectfully

One way you can make sure that you don’t create an unfair workplace is to treat everyone with the same degree of respect. It’s very hard to deal with unfair workplaces, and you might make someone feel like you’re not treating them respectfully, even if you’re not necessarily aware of it.

If you normally work as part of a team, don’t dump the lion’s share of a project on a coworker while you shirk your duties. Don’t ask them to cover for you if you leave work early, and don’t ask them to punch your timecard if you aren’t there. They might feel that you’re pressuring them to do that if you two are friends, but you’re asking them to do something dishonest, and that’s not a situation in which you ever want to put someone.

You can also show equal respect for all of your coworkers by not treating any of them differently if they are of a different gender than you, or a different race, sexuality, or religion, either. Try to promote equality by treating everyone just the same, even if they have a different background or lifestyle than you.

Try to Help Others When You Can

You have your various chores to do at work that your position demands of you, and other people have theirs. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot help someone else if it’s in your power to do so. You would expect the same thing of them.

If you all work for the same company, you can think of it as though you’re all on the same team. If you finish with your work early, and you see that someone needs help with theirs, you can volunteer to assist them with it if it’s in your power to do so. That helps them, but it also shows your superiors that you can take the initiative and are a team player.

Don’t Distract People

You can make a better workplace for everyone if you do not distract them. If you’ve worked in some different settings, you probably have worked with someone at one time or another who was more of a detriment to getting assignments done than an asset. Take pains not to be that person.

There are definitely all kinds of ways you can distract your coworkers, like talking about non-work topics when you should all focus on some critical task. You can certainly make small talk with your coworkers, but make sure that you don’t do it when you are all on the clock.

Don’t Tell Rude or Inappropriate Jokes

There was a time when many individuals felt like they could get away with telling offensive jokes while in a workplace setting. There are some office settings where that sort of thing still goes on.

If you know some offensive or risqué jokes or anecdotes, you should keep them to yourself. If you go to a bar with a couple of work buddies after you all finish for the day, that might be alright, but it’s best to avoid any sort of locker room talk or other dubious subjects while you’re working.

The people around you might go along with your jokes and even laugh at them, but you never know if you’re making someone uncomfortable and they are being too polite to say something. If you stay away from those kinds of topics entirely, that’s the best possible policy.

Don’t Come in to Work if You’re Sick

Some people feel like they can’t take a day off, even if they’re sick. It’s great that you’re motivated and you don’t want to miss any time, but if you come in and you’re running a fever and coughing anywhere, that’s doing the other people you work with a disservice.

You should take as many days off as you need till you get better. If you don’t, you run the risk of infecting all of your coworkers, and everyone will be mad at you then.

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