Whether it’s your office or home workspace, having a small space can sometimes be challenging. Good thing though that home designers today have already resolved this kind of concerns. Not to mention, pieces and compositions of most furniture recently have become more functional and ideal for small spaces.

So, if you are planning to do a quick revamping of your small workspace, this article might just help you. We’ve included the factors that you may need to consider, along with some recommendations of interior designers.

Things to Consider In Your Small Space Office Design

Before you design your new workspace, keep in mind that there are important factors that need considering first. These points will guide you to fully execute what you want to do with your space even without limiting yourself due to a space constraint.

  • Office Space

The first thing that you must regard is the space that you have for your workspace. While it is not strictly needed to know the exact area of the space, it might come handy when choosing the right chair and table.

Consider as well if the space is located near or on the corner. Is it near the window? Does it have enough lighting?

  •  Lighting

Lighting is the next variable that you must look at. This is because lighting can impact your productivity. And you don’t want a dim-looking space that will cause you to stop working.

If the space does not have windows or enough lighting, then you may want to consider adding lighting fixtures on your “To-Buy” list. On the other hand, if your area will be touched by enough lighting, whether natural or through fixtures, then you may want to decrease the new lighting fixtures that you intend to purchase.

  •  Comfortable Chair and Table

The set of chair and table that you will be using in your work area must be comfortable. This is basically the aspects of the workspace that will pinpoint if you can stay on your seat for long hours.

The ergonomics of the furniture must also be considered. For sure, you don’t want to end up harming your posture and mobility because of your new workspace.

  •  -Decorate To Inspire and Motivate

You will be doing almost all of your tasks in your space. So, ensure that the decorations will uplift your spirit and motivate you even when you feel down or lazy to finish the job.

Most of the time, bright and light color patterns are an easy fix. Even so, you have to still consider your preferences. Besides, the things that will help you boost your productivity will depend on your preferences. So, be wise.

  •  Budget

Lastly, but definitely not the least, the budget. When you design your workspace, keep in mind that you will need to shell out money. And this does not only concern decorations.

You must set a budget for this project. Take it as an investment since you will be spending most of your time of the day in this area, especially if the space that you are working on is inside your home.

Best Desk Set-up Design Ideas for Small Space:

According to the OfficeChairist, your desk will be an integral part of your workspace. This is why it is a must that you spend enough time when choosing the design and style of the set.

Here are some of the best desk set-up designs that you may want to check out:

  • Corner Computer Desks

Corner computer desks are ideal for spaces that come with corners. It will maximize the space as, sometimes, corners can be really tough to manage. But, thankfully, there are desks nowadays that are made available for this concern.

  • Desk With Hutch or Shelves

To save space and promote a cleaner surrounding, desks with hutch or shelves are very recommendable. You may no longer need to have extra storage shelves for your files as these desks will already do the job for you.

There are also pieces of desk shelves that can be purchased separately. And you may want to take advantage of these items as they can be very functional and helpful in setting up the aesthetics.

  •  Compact Computer Desks

Another desk that is ideal for small spaces is the compact type. Most of these desks already have certain compartments that are made for computer parts and accessories. This will help you become more organized and neater in your area. Also, it will help you save the space for other accessories that you intend to incorporate in your workstation.

  • L-shaped Desk

Alongside corner desks, L-shaped desks can also be fitting for spaces with corners. This will appear to have much more space for your tasks and to-do lists. In addition, these desks offer more room for your files and other accessories.

  • Galley Design

Normally, galley designs are seen in most household kitchens. But because of its functionality and convenience, the design has been now incorporated in most small workspaces. You may want to have this kind of desk if you have tons of work to do all the time. It also saves space as it will enclose you with a U-shaped desk to keep you focused on the tasks at hand.

  • The Duplex Workspace Desk

If focus and concentration are the factors that you consider the most when choosing a desk, then the Duplex type might be the best option for you. It comes with a functional head-over dome that you can fold when not in use. The head-over dome is very helpful when you want to be focused on your work and not be disturbed by anything outside your area.

  • The K Workstation

The K workstation has become very popular in recent times. The overall functionality and space-saving feature of the design are the main reasons behind. It serves as a shelf for your books, files, and other accessories. At the same time, it also serves as the main desk for your workstation. It is also cost-effective and sleek in appearance.

Your Choice, Your Workspace

While there are tons of designs and inspirations today that you may utilize for your own workspace, it will be all up to you, in the end. You are the only one who can tell what’s fitting and what will suit your needs. Hence, it is a must that you research first and learn all the possible ideas that you can do. You will be amazed by how much you can revolutionize your workspace even without the use of too much space and cost.

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